We are back at it! Another school year has started and we’ve already been on our first business visit. And what an awesome morning it was! Every time we visit Burrus Seed Farms in Arenzville, we see and learn something new. But one thing alway stays the same and that’s the passion that the Burrus family has for their family business.

This morning, Todd Burrus and Gannon Greene (2017 Morgan-Scott CEO alum) told the students about the history of Burrus and what Burrus does. Todd is a third generation owner of the family owned and operated business, that started in 1935 and Gannon is fifth generation. Burrus is an independent seed company that has established a mission to provide quality seed, consistent performance, and exceptional value ensuring the ongoing success of their customers.

Todd and Gannon gave the students a tour of the facility where they saw how corn is dried and seed is sorted by shape, color and density to provide the customer with the highest quality product. The students saw the technology used in this process and heard how jobs have changed over the years from manual labor to monitoring automated processes and computers.

Todd gave the students some valuable advice when he told them that he looks forward to going to work in the morning and he looks forward to going home at the end of the day. That’s a perfect work-life balance.

Thank you Todd and Gannon for your time today. Your passion for your work is inspiring and your hospitality is greatly appreciated.

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